We thought we would share some of our core values as a family that translate into our business principles. Granted, we can only do one side of the equation and count on our customers to perform the other through meaningful communication when our product & delivery times did not line up with expectations. 

  1. Our faith - It is our foundation as a family in how we think, and that is directly translated in how we do business and how we treat others. 
  2. Integrity - There are many legacies one can leave behind, but one of the most important is your reputation. That is how you will be remembered by family, friends and in business. We operate with this core principle because it really does matter.
  3. Genuine - You can only be who you are. We are not some huge company trying to conquer the world of business. We are a small enterprise, with limited market share, limited capital, that is OK with being exactly who we are. Everything we try to do, even in our failures, is geared towards making your experience better.
  4. Service - Our primary focus is you the customer. Whether you just need a question answered, or you actually have an issue with a product. You are first and foremost the focus of this business. Without you, as a business, we are nothing.
  5. Generosity - We believe it is our responsibility to give back to our community through organizations we believe in and that provide the most impact to our community. We are firm believers in local because that is where the most impact happens for every dollar given. Our annual giving typically exceeds $10,000.00 a year and we are only able to do this because of our customers.
Our Promise

So how all of this translates to you is really quite straight forward. Our promise to you, our customer, is to treat you with respect, to communicate promptly, to be as accurate as our experience/expertise allows, and to provide you with our very best even when we are at our very worst.

  1. Outstanding Customer Service - We promise to do our best to be the best we can be for you, every day, every time.
  2. Generous Return Policy - Our shop has a 14-day return policy in which you can return an item for any reason. Some items are no return, but if you are truly that unhappy with your item, we will take it back. Our commitment to you is excellent customer service, if something does not meet your expectation we resolve to make it right.
  3. Super Fast Shipping - Most items ship the same day. We do make special trips to the post office. Almost all items ship by the following business day.
  4. Carbon Friendly - Also knows as up-cycling, or recycling. Buying pre-owned means giving an item a new life thus reducing your carbon foot print. Beyond that, most older products are much higher quality versus today's throw away "life cycled" manufacture processes designed to make you need a new one in 24 months.
  5. Ships From the USA - Everything ships from our location, right here in Glade Valley, North Carolina.
  6. Secure Shopping - Our website is built on the backbone of one of the largest eCommerce shopping networks in the world - Shopify. You can bet they are focused on our security when it comes to transaction safety.
  7. Small Business - We are just that. A small business. There are no hoops you have to jump through to talk to the decision maker. We answer the phone and we can make decisions :)
  8. Unique Gift - I mean, who doesn't like unique gifts? And many are really solid quality because, things were just made to last.
  9. Consistent 5 Star Small Business - Over 10,000 transactions across eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Craigslist & more. Over 4,400 positive reviews on ebay alone at a 50% feedback rate, which is outstanding for the platform when selling used merchandise.
  10. PayPal Verified - We have been verified by PayPal for years to include our banking, business financials and business tax information.

Every business has some foundational values that drive how they operate, and inevitably, how they treat customers. It's not a new concept, rather, it is truly as old as history itself. Businesses use these principles to gain your trust, admiration and loyalty.

Whether you call it business principles, company policy or what it actually is - company values, how a business operates is important to you as a consumer as it is driven exclusively by the core values of the people behind the scenes. It may all seem like a trivial matter, but the application of the underlying values of the people you deal with often shows up like a huge red flag in all of those "customer feedback" portfolios aggregated by Google, Yelp or some other ratings entity.

Frankly, in business you are always going to have outliers. We think it is a fair statement to say, we have all known, directly or indirectly, people with whom you simply cannot please. Most of us, and we are certainly not exclusive to this statement, are at our worst when we arrive in a place of unmet expectations. In business, you have other business owners who will intentionally attempt to wreck a successful enterprise for market share, spite and envy. It is the nature of some people, whether intentional or not.

You will know a customer focused business by how they have treated others via the overall rating the business has with the clients with which it has actually conducted direct commerce with, and how that business responds to those who have been let down with quality of service or product. Really, it is in all of our best interest in the long run, to do business with people we believe we can trust.

We'd like the opportunity to earn yours :)